Blake Marine Group (BMG) was formed to meet the demand for a highly qualified salvage response provider on the inland waterways and near-coastal waters along the Gulf of Mexico. BMG offers complete salvage, demolition and wreck removal services to the maritime industry.

Through past marine salvage and casualty removal projects, we have gained significant knowledge and experience in conducting difficult marine salvage and wreck removal operations. Re-floating and removal of marine casualties requires extremely specialized equipment and personnel with the necessary experience to work within any environment.  Utilizing this knowledge, we have built an extensive inventory of equipment specifically designed for the re-floating and wreck removal of marine casualties. BMG has the ability to rapidly deploy salvage equipment and personnel to respond to emergency salvage situations.  BMG has prepositioned salvage equipment and personnel located at its support facilities located along the Lower Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. Our heavy lift and dive support barges staged in strategic locations making our response quick and keeping mobilization costs low. BMG accesses the vast inventory of our affiliated companies to complete salvage, wreck removal, and demolition projects as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Salvage Masters are disciplined in all aspects of salvage to include survey, naval architecture, diving, heavy-lift operations, patching, pumping and towing.

In October 2011, Blake Marine Group was voted into the American Salvage Association (ASA) as a General Member. The honor of acceptance into the ASA is a direct result of BMG’s dedication to providing professional salvage response and wreck removal services.

Our Core Services Include

Wreck removal and heavy lift

Lightering and cargo removal

Pumping and refloat operations

Fuel spill response

Search and recovery

Scrapping and demolition

Commercial salvage diving

Marine launching and transport